Click here to view the recording from April 19 for a presentation about Telehealth in Emergency Medicine. Dr. John McCarter, MD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) will lead the discussion. His talk is titled, "Utilizing Telemedicine to Expand Emergency Care in Rural Mississippi." UMMC has become a leader in Tele-Emergency [...]

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Telehealth Reimbursement – UPDATE

Reimbursement is usually the first or second question that people ask us at LearnTelehealth.org.  I wish there were one place to go for resources on telehealth reimbursement but there’s not. Reimbursement varies from state-to-state and from payor-to-payor. There’s no federal requirement for private insurance to reimburse for telehealth yet. To that end, I give you [...]

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mHealth Landscape for 2012 (Part 2)

(continued from mHealth Landscape for 2012 part 1) The Provider While it may be a mobile application developer's dream to stay "connected", this isn't necessarily the goal of many physicians. They like being disconnected for a time rather than easily accessible to their patients through emails or texts or some new mHealth app that increases [...]

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mHealth Landscape for 2012 (Part 1)

The mHealth 2011 summit provided those of us new to mHealth with a broad overview of the landscape and what to look for in 2012. They have gratefully provided online videos of several presentations that you may also access at this link. I'll be jotting down some notes as I watch several of these and [...]

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Let’s Help Give Nursing Homes A Better Name with Telemedicine

When I mention Nursing Homes does top-notch care come to mind?  Probably not.  Nursing Homes (and Assisted Living Centers) have suffered from a lot of bad press in recent years.  From sub-standard care to poor regulation and management to downright dangerous and deadly conditions for its residents, it’s time for nursing homes to improve.  Telemedicine [...]

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What Will Happen with Telemedicine Reimbursement?

"One thing you can never forget is that this is about providing the best outcomes that are evidence-based for the patient. "   Chasing reimbursement for telemedicine is somewhat like pushing the elevator button once it’s lit. It may not get the elevator there any quicker, but it makes you feel like you are at [...]

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Final Ruling on Credentialing & Privileging of Telehealth Providers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made a bold statement in support of telemedicine by streamlining the credentialing and privileging of telehealth providers delivering services to Medicare hospitals. Eliminating the red tape By simplifying how hospitals and non-hospital providers privilege doctors who remotely treat patients, CMS has lowered the administrative burden of [...]

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How Telemedicine is improving stroke outcomes.

The perfect storm is approaching.  Telemedicine is on the brink of providing stroke patients across the country with sub-specialists who can help make life-saving decisions without even being in the same city much less in the same ER room.   AR SAVES (Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support) is reaching Arkansas patients daily.  With the [...]

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