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Real World Examples in Telehealth

Welcome to the resource page for all Real World Examples in Telehealth! Here you will find all previous stories gathered by the SCTRC that reflect the true nature of what it’s like for patients and providers in the world of telehealth and telemedicine.

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Real World Examples


UAMS IDHI High-Risk Pregnancy Program: Resources and Longevity from Proven Record

Last year was the twentieth anniversary of the Institute for Digital Health & Innovation’s (IDHI) High-Risk Pregnancy Program (HRPP) at…
June 17, 2024

Real World Example: Cherokee Health Services

is providing a range of services across 13 different counties, many of which are rural! Check out this latest video…
April 23, 2024

From Rural Mississippi to Nationwide Impact: UMMC’s Telehealth Evolution

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, telemedicine has emerged as a transformative force, bridging gaps in access to care and revolutionizing…
April 17, 2024

Culinary Medicine – The Art of Cooking Meets the Science of Medicine

Culinary medicine is a new and rising field in health care. The goal of this approach “is to help people…
November 30, 2023

New Telehealth Testimonial Video: Cherokee Health Systems

Telehealth can make it easier to find or connect to a health care appointment.  Watch this video to see how…
April 12, 2023

SCTRC and IDHI Host International Technology and Healthcare Professionals

Thirteen international representatives from a variety of backgrounds and healthcare and technological professions came to visit Arkansas for the purpose…
March 18, 2023
telehealth training

Talking Telehealth Down in the Delta

“I see the value of telehealth, but I don’t know where to begin,” is a common statement in the world…
November 30, 2022

Stroke Survivor Saved Through Telemedicine

There are many examples that highlight the importance of telehealth, but none are quite as effective as real world examples…
August 25, 2022

SCTRC Connects the UTHSC and UAMS SANE Programs

The Telehealth Resource Centers provide technical assistance to healthcare organizations, networks, and providers. One way this is accomplished is through…
August 16, 2022

UAMS East Telehealth Training Center Open House

The UAMS East Telehealth Training Center has been operational for a few months but was only just now able to…
July 28, 2022

SCTRC Helps Grant Seekers Build Collaborations Across States and Institutions

Providing technical assistance to healthcare organizations, networks, and providers is one of the prime directives of the Telehealth Resource Centers.…
January 18, 2022

SCTRC Helps Support Institutional Interprofessional Education Curriculum

The SCTRC has been involved in supporting the interprofessional education curriculum at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS),…
November 17, 2021

UMMC Expands Telehealth Reach Through RPM Technologies

Dr. Saurabh Chandra, board-certified critical care physician, is the Chief Telehealth Officer at the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Center…
September 16, 2021

HealthNow Evolves to Include COVID-19 Treatment Services

UAMS Institute for Digital Health & Innovations’ direct-to-patient digital health platform, HealthNow, has expanded its scope to meet the needs…
August 16, 2021

University of Memphis Launches 100% Tele-Behavioral Health Services for Children & Youth

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dr. Susan Elswick witnessed a major impact on mental health service delivery in the region.…
July 29, 2021

Wife and Caregiver Shares Story on Caring for Her Husband After a TBI, Using Telemedicine

THE ACCIDENT As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the healthcare system, telemedicine has expanded and evolved to assist patients…
July 29, 2021

UAMS’s Neurology Department is continuing its extensive Parkinson’s disease research during the COVID-19 pandemic with Telehealth

Given the public health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare providers were in need of safer alternatives to deliver…
May 1, 2021
Strayhorn Clinic with the UTHSC HRSA Advanced Nursing Education Workforce project team

Technology Assists Family Practice Clinic in Providing Care While Enhancing Learning for DNP Students

Strayhorn Family Medical Clinic recently launched a telemedicine program to better care for its patients in the rural Mississippi River…
April 27, 2021
Pushpin pointing Little Rock city, Arkansas state capital, over more than fifty years old map

Homeless Facility Partners with Arkansas FQHC to Provide Better Access to Care

As telehealth capabilities continue to develop and grow, so does the capability to provide care to patients in underserved and…
March 17, 2021

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