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Telehealth Training

The UAMS Institute for Digital Health & Innovation and the South Central Telehealth Resource Center have compiled their resources to deliver a new way for healthcare professionals to get trained and educated on all aspects of telehealth and telemedicine. Get started by visiting the Self-Guided or Instructor-Led Learning sections below!

Self-Guided Learning

Telehealth Training

Learn at your own pace, on your own time. Our courses are tailored to help you along your telehealth journey.

Telehealth Training

Are you a visual learner? Learn all things telehealth from our extensive library of videos.

Telehealth Talk

Listen to telehealth professionals present you with stories, experiences, presentations, and advice.


We’ve grouped all our telehealth resources in one location! Click here to quickly find the information you need.

Instructor-Led Learning

Request Information/Training

Need more of a hands-on in-person approach? Get help from real experts — click here and fill out our online form.

Telehealth Training Kits

The Telehealth Training Kit is a thoughtfully assembled group of telehealth devices paired with hands-on training and online course modules.

Meetings & Conferences

Locate telehealth meetings and conferences that will help you gain new insight into developing telehealth techniques.

Webinars & Virtual Events

Find webinars and virtual events, like our Telehealth 101 webinar. These are perfect for those with a busy schedule!