Each year at the South Central Telehealth Forum (SCTF) two awards are presented to individuals who have made a positive impact in Telemedicine for their community. Join us in Nashville, August 1 & 2, when we present these awards at #SCTF2016! We hope to see you there!

Telehealth Champion Award

The Telehealth Champion Award is given to those who are essential to the success of a Telehealth project or program. The champion initiates and promotes the utilization and sustainability of Telehealth services. The champion shoulders responsibility while sharing the spotlight with their team.  Champions have an innovative spirit and vision and spend years developing and promoting programs while inspiring others.

Telehealth Ninja Award

A Telehealth Ninja is a Telehealth warrior who has mastered the system around them to provide medical attention to those in need, encouraged legislation promoting telehealth, and doing this all in the confines of the American medical system. They move swiftly and decisively to achieve much in a short time.

If you know someone deserving of one of these awards, please nominate them! You can submit your nomination online, email, snail mail or fax.

Deadline to nominate is May 30, 2016.


Submission Options

SCTF Award Nomination

SCTF Award Nomination



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