Where is your industry on this chart? Chances are most of you are in health care so you’re safe. I have the added bonus of being in health care AND e-Learning so I get double points (Triple if you count “Internet”).



This is data taken from LinkedIn’s 150+ million user base from a period of 2007 to 2011. If you’re like me, you’re dubious of data from a social network, reported by that social network.  But, the data is robust enough that the President’s Council of Economic Advisors worked with LinkedIn to study industry trends. I look at this data and see positive possibilities for telehealth. In fact, just connect the dots from the right side of the graph and you essentially define teleheath! Here, I’ll show you:

Telehealth = Hospital and Health Care +Information Technology + Internet + Medical Devices + Venture Capital with pinches of e-Learning and Heath, Wellness and Fitness thrown in. It’s a Telehealth Stone Soup!

Here’s LinkedIn’s graph of fluctuations by Industry:

Here are a few notable nuggets from the chart:

  • IT jobs took a hit during the recession but regained and outpaced its standing from 2007.
  • Pharmaceutical jobs have fallen from its high in the early 2000’s. How many people do you know who used to sell pharmaceuticals? I know a few.
  • e-Learning, a young industry with high growth, never took a nosedive during the recession. It’s growth slowed for a bit but then exploded.
  • Renewable and Environmental jobs outpaced every sector with nearly 50% growth over the time period.
  • The data is taken from Linked-In users and their self-reported job titles. How many of us remember to update our Linked In profile regularly?

What do you take from the data?