Should Telemedicine Cost So Much?

Okay, close your eyes and think of how we generally deliver telemedicine. You’re in a room. There are usually big, complicated pieces of equipment either on carts or secured to the wall. You have a codec, a bigger-than-you-really-need screen (because a vendor upsold you) and if you’re really lucky you have a confounded touch-screen control [...]

By | August 8th, 2011|Technology|2 Comments

What’s Your Plan B? Facing Your Telehealth Technology Anxiety

Telemedicine is technology-based.  And people still have a big deal with technology anxiety.  Anxiety over the technology is the biggest hurdle we face when we do telemedicine training on equipment. I’m sure we’re not alone. The conventional wisdom is that practice makes perfect.  Getting people to use the equipment on a regular basis helps to [...]

By | April 25th, 2011|Technology|2 Comments