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The SEARCH Telehealth Research Symposium, scheduled for October 24 – 25 in San Diego, CA, will focus on sharing findings from existing telehealth research to demonstrate lessons learned from connected health programs with an emphasis on planning, research, training and education. It will provide insight for developing new programs and encourage emphasis on quality initiatives and telehealth measures.

Confirmed speakers at SEARCH2018 include Elizabeth Krupinski, Ph.D. of Emory University, Judd Hollander, M.D. of Thomas Jefferson University and Kathy Wibberly, Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center. Don’t miss their informative presentations!

The 2018 symposium is supported by SEARCH, the West Health Institute, and the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers. For more information or to register for the event, go to: or email


Assessing Diagnostic Accuracy & Agreement

Studies that assess diagnostic accuracy and/or agreement between tele and traditional delivery models are critical. This session will focus on key metrics used to assess a successful study.
Join Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski as she discusses:
  • Basic measures of accuracy, including true & false, positives & negatives, and more
  • Reader agreement assessment metrics, including kappa, Bland Altman, and more
  • Tips for a good study design

Getting Published: Finding the Right Audience

Finding the right audience is key to incorporating scientific knowledge and translation into practice.
Join Dr. Judd Hollander as he discusses:
  • How to determine the right audience for your research
  • How to “sell” your research to the right audience
  • Easy ways to write your manuscript

Designing & Asking Effective Survey Questions

 Obtaining  credible survey results is the goal of every researcher!

Join Dr. Kathy Hsu Wibberly as she discusses:
  • Questions that produce successful survey research
  • Processes that ensure quality results
  • Tips to avoid the most common mistakes