Dr. Curtis Lowery, Medical Director, Center for Distance Health, and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, welcomed attendees to the keynote and plenary sessions.

Mario Gutierrez, Executive Director, Center for Connected Health Policy, spoke about the state of telehealth across the nation. Alan Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, National Rural Health Association, spoke about the state of telehealth in rural areas.

Awards were also presented.

  • Curtis L. Lowery Telehealth Champion – Terry Eagleton, TN
  • Curtis L. Lowery Telehealth Champion – Chip Templeton, MS
  • Adam D. Rule Telehealth Ninja – Terri Imus, AR

Attendees attended sessions within 3 tracks:

  • Program Evaluation and Outcomes
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • School-Based Telemedicine

The day ended with state meetings. Participants discussed telehealth issues and legislation at the state level, shared their unique roles and perspectives and networked with other professionals.

Read what attendees had to say about Day 2:

Program Evaluation and Outcomes
“I heard many interesting ideas and learned where telemedicine is going in the future. I learned about the problems that are ahead and possible solutions and the importance of telemedicine as it relates to rural health. Since the session, I have spent time thinking about how to apply what I learned from a state perspective, such as EMS in rural areas facilitating communication between doctors and patients. There is an expansive amount of research being done. I found the session very stimulating. I took away many resources that I can use to educate peers within the state’s health departments and rural hospitals.”

Rene Saunders, MD
Medical Director, Board of Medical Examiners


 Chronic Disease Management

“I learned about the benefits of telehealth in monitoring patients with chronic diseases. In my session, we reviewed guidelines for chronic care management, discussed how remote patient monitoring brings value to rural hospitals, and the return on investment. The information I received will help me educate the population that I represent.”

Charlotte Burns
Vice President of Network Affiliates
HCA Tristar, Tennessee


School-Based Telemedicine

“I attended the presentations on teleconcussion. I learned the importance of a systematic approach and the role telehealth can play in making a diagnosis. I also learned that cases will vary in urban and rural settings based on the resources available.”

Kathy Wibberly
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center
University of Virginia Center for Telehealth

Thank you for joining us in Nashville!