Medicare revealed important changes on October 31st for people working with home monitoring of chronic conditions. In 2015, Medicare payments to physicians and practitioners will include a new CPT code (99490) for remote chronic care management with  a monthly undjusted, non-facility fee of $42.60. Medicare will also pay $56.92 (monthly unadjusted, non-facility fee) for remote-patient monitoring of chronic conditions using CPT code 99091.

The new rules go even further to include seven new telemedicine procedure codes. Among the new covered items are wellness visits, psychotherapy services and prolonged services in the office.  The complete Medicare reimbursement resource document is available by clicking HERE.

Want to learn more about reimbursement issues for Telemedicine? Click the link to the HRSA Reimbursement Toolkit.


NOTICE — UPDATE 11/17/14

Their has been a correction posted by ATA.  You may read it in full here.


“…CMS added a new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) service code, 99490 for chronic care patient management.  This is not a telehealth code and does not require the patient to be present so it is available to be used for any patient, regardless of location.

We reported that this code could be bundled with CPT code 99091 for collecting and reviewing patient data (which is valued at $56.92 on the books). However, it turns out that CMS will still not allow any additional payments for this service. The agency will allow providers to count the time they spend reviewing data towards the monthly minimum time for billing the chronic care management code. CMS expects that this accommodation will enhance the utilization of the 99490 service.”