Have you ever thought about the fact that you get your driver’s license from your state, but that you are allowed to drive in other states? Maybe not, but that is the basis for the new Interstate Compact for Physician Licensure. Physicians are licensed currently by individual states and they can only practice in the state where they are licensed.

Like the driver’s license, physicians may soon be able to use their state license as the entry point to a practice not limited by state lines. According to Dr. Humayun Chaudrhy, the CEO and President of the Federation for State Medical Boards, “The goal of the Compact is to ensure that qualified physicians are able to practice medicine in a safe and accountable manner and that the strongest health care consumer protections are maintained.”

If barriers to gaining licensure in multiple states are removed, this will dramatically support Telemedicine practice by allowing physicians to treat the underserved from where they currently live. If you would like to read the press release from the FSMB click the link below: