Program development resources are available no matter what stage of development your project may be. Here are a few of the SCTRC’s favorites:

Resource BookmarksTelehealth Impact Calculator

The Telehealth Impact Calculator is a way for you to determine how much time and money you and your patients could save by utilizing Telemedicine.

Program Development Guides

The National Telehealth Resource Centers Program Developer Guides contain information about overall program development, room design, marketing, and reimbursement.

Comprehensive Online Educational Modules

The SCTRC has interactive and engaging educational modules on everything from a high level view of Telehealth to a deep dive into licensing and credentialing. These modules are an excellent way to develop a core base of knowledge of how Telehealth works from A to Z.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

The Robert J. Waters Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law is an organization that focuses on Telehealth legal issues. Their research library is free to use and had a myriad of downloadable documents that can be used in policy development.

Jennifer’s Story

Last, but certainly not least, Jennifer’s Story explains Telemedicine in terms that everyone understands. This 2 minute video explains the nuts and bolts of Telemedicine in human terms. If you’ve never watched it, take two minutes for yourself and click this link: