You might already be familiar with our comprehensive telehealth training courses. If you want a comprehensive telehealth education, you should take all six courses. If you can’t do all six you can break the list of six courses down to two tracks of three courses each: An Introductory Track and an Intermediate to Advanced Track.

In this Introductory Track you’ll find all the information needed to enter in to the telehealth world. So, if you’re starting out or have staff who need a primer this is the perfect place to begin.

The Telehealth Training Courses for the Introductory Track:

In the “Introduction to Telehealth” course you’ll learn the basics: What is telehealth; How does it work; and What are some potential applications?

Introduction to Telehealth


In the “Telehealth Equipment” course you’ll learn: How to identify the various types of standard telehealth equipment; Understand the internet bandwidth necessary for calls; and Learn about the costs associated with standard configurations for Clinical, Educational and Administrative applications.

Telehealth Equipment


The “TelePresenting Best Practices” course is where you’ll learn: General guidelines for Before, During and After a telehealth event from the perspective of the Hub and the Spoke site.

TelePresenting Best Practices

For the Advanced track telehealth training courses click here.