You might already be familiar with our comprehensive telehealth training courses. If you want a comprehensive telehealth education, you should take all six courses. If you can’t do all six you can break the list of six courses down to two tracks of three courses each: An Introductory Track and an Intermediate to Advanced Track.

In this track, the Intermediate to Advanced Track, you’ll find the key information you need to take the next step with your telehealth program. This is the place to go after you’ve completed the first three courses in the introductory track.

The Telehealth Training Courses for the Intermediate to Advanced Track:

The first course of this series, “Building Your Team,” will provide a general overview of a “best case” scenario for building a telehealth team at a distant and origination site. Job titles, roles and responsibilities of team members will be defined.

Building Your Team


The next course, “Creating Your Telehealth Project Plan,” gives you an interactive look at the decisions and roles needed to get your program started.

Creating Your Plan


The last course, “Telemedicine Credentialing and Privileging,” provide a general overview of regulatory issues and how they apply to the telehealth regulatory landscape.

Credentialing and Privileging

For more introductory courses, view this link.