/Telehealth Resource Centers Webinar

Nemours Anytime Anywhere

National TRC Webinar - Nemours Children's Hospital: Nemours Anytime, Anywhere! Hosted by: Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center Presented by: Natalina Zisa, Telemedicine Operations Program Manager, Nemours Children's Hospital An enterprise strategic solution aligning all Nemours’ consumer-facing digital properties to expand a more accessible continuum of care within its communities in order to be a more proactive [...]

CCM and Remote Patient Monitoring

National TRC Webinar - “CCM and Remote Patient Monitoring Improve Care Coordination & Increasing Revenue” Hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center Presented by: Reconnect4Health Presenter: Bonnie Britton, MSN, RN, ATA Fellow, Executive Director Health Systems and hospitals which own Physician Practices and Private Physician Clinics have an unique opportunity to enhance patient care coordination [...]

Engaging Providers with Telehealth Technology

Engaging Providers with Telehealth Technology Presented by: Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Presenters: Student Consultants from the Boston University School of Public Health and the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine; Alaa Qari, Dentist, BDS, DScD Dental Public Health Candidate; Maria Cerda, Journalist, MA. Intercultural Communication, MPH Candidate; Deana Barakat, MPH Candidate; Kalpita Patel, MPH [...]

Telehealth Insurance Considerations

Telehealth Insurance Considerations A topical discussion on contemporary risk and insurance issues facing telehealth and telemedicine organizations, including Medical Professional Liability and Cyber Liability. Don’t fall victim to uninsured or underinsured losses due to inadequate or missing insurance coverage. Telehealth providers face several unique exposures, including potential international risk, which separate them from most traditional [...]

TWITR: Telemedicine, Wellness, Intervention, Triage and Referral Project

National TRC Webinar: TWITR: Telemedicine, Wellness, Intervention, Triage and Referral Project Hosted by the TexLa Telehealth Resource Center

The 411 on Telehealth Funding

The 411 on Telehealth Funding Presented by: Heartland Telehealth Resource Center Presenters: Eve-Lynn Nelson, Ph.D. Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth, University of Kansas Medical Center

What you Need to Know About Telepharmacy

What you Need to Know About Telepharmacy Discussions on telepharmacy are growing, as is the urgency to implement remote-dispensing solutions across the US. But what is telepharmacy? What about the regulatory environment? In this presentation we will discuss the past, present, and future of telepharmacy, including its origins, technological advancements, alternative applications, regulatory hurdles, opportunities [...]

Transforming Medical Nutrition via Telehealth

Transforming Medical Nutrition via Telehealth Registered dietitians play an integral part in managing chronic diseases from counseling after radiation therapy to coaching patients with diabetes. In this webinar hosted by the South Central Telehealth Resource Center and the National Telehealth Resource Center consortium, Dee Pratt, RDN, LDN, shares her lessons learned in developing her Tele-Nutrition specialty [...]

Leveraging Technology and Infrastructure

National TRC Webinar Series - Leveraging Technology and Infrastructure Presented by: TexLa Telehealth Resource Center Presenters: Jennifer Humbert MSN, MHA, RN CNRN, Solutions Development, Ochsner CareConnect 360 This webinar include the following: 1. Benefits of acute remote patient monitoring on quality data 2. Benefits of remote patient monitoring in the home 3. Triple Aim and [...]

Update of Telepathology and Digital Laboratory Networks

Telehealth Resource Centers Webinar - Update of Telepathology and Digital Laboratory Networks Presented by: Southwest Telehealth Resource Center Presenter: Ronald S. Weinstein, M.D. Director, Arizona Telemedicine Program and the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center Objectives: 1. Review the telepathology clinical services currently available 2. Illustrate the major classes of telepathology systems marketed in the United States [...]

Changing Healthcare Delivery

TRC Webinar:  "Changing Healthcare Delivery" Michael Adcock, Administrator for the Center for Telehealth at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), discusses changing healthcare delivery.

Echo in the Heartland

Echo in the Heartland Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, or Project ECHO, is a healthcare capacity building project developed at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Sanjeev Arora. The project was developed in 2003 to increase the number of providers treating Hepatitis C in rural areas. ECHO brings knowledge from specialists to primary care [...]

Comprehensive School Based Health

National Telehealth Resource Centers Webinar "Comprehensive School-Based Health Care via Telemedicine:  Opportunities, Challenges & Solutions"

Telehealth Case Studies


Telehealth Resource Centers Case Studies Telehealth case studies throughout the U.S.

Telehealth and Workplace

Telehealth and Workplace Health Better Care and Lower Cost The National Telehealth Webinar Series

Using Telehealth Technology

Using Telehealth Technology to Monitor Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence

Telehealth A Valuable

Telehealth A Valuable Addition to Symptom Severity Reduction in Palliative Care

Telehealth in Skilled Nursing

Telehealth in Skilled Nursing Facilities Its’ a ‘No Brainer’!

Telehealth and Community Health Centers

Telehealth & Community Health Centers:  Can it Work Financially? This webinar explores the barriers and potential solutions for Community Health Centers in employing telehealth services. Speakers will share the findings and recommendations of a study commissioned by the Center for Connected Health Policy and assess the potential for using telehealth with alternative payment models. Presented [...]

All Roads Lead to Collaboration

All Roads Lead to Collaboration The HRSA-MCHC Emergency Medical Services for Children State (EMSC) Partnership Program is the longest running federally sponsored pediatric program in the country. The EMSC program is active in all fifty states, all five US Territories, the District of Columbia, and the three Compact of Free Association (COFA) countries. In 2010, [...]

Things to Consider when Developing a Credentialing and Privileging Process for Telehealth

Things to Consider when Developing a Credentialing and Privileging Process for Telehealth This webinar provides an overview of the Telehealth Credentialing and Privileging process.