Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans… Exciting cities among many stops along the way over the last 30 days promoting telehealth in this beautiful corner of the world…  Though, during this time, we didn’t have an official stop in Mississippi, we did drive through and experience the blessing of its beautiful green and savory scenery on the way to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) conference in New Orleans.  There are several plans to engage Mississippi and I look forward to promoting telehealth across the four corners of that state.  As I get to know the three states in the South Central region (i.e. Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi), I’m beginning to see the many opportunities to promote our telehealth and telemedicine resources, events, projects, and all that the SCTRC offers at each stop along the way.

HRSA HIV Conference Nashville, TN

The South Central Telehealth Resource Center (SCTRC) was honored to accept an invitation to present, exhibit, and demonstrate telemedicine peripherals at the Let’s Talk Rural Health: A Discussion with HRSA Recipients Serving People Living with HIV in Rural Communities seminar in Nashville, TN on March 27, 2019. There were several representatives from the SCTRC region as well as attendees from the Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center and the Mid-Atlantic Telehlealth Resource Center regions.  All totaled, the event hosted 100 HRSA recipients for a full day of education and awareness on this timely topic.

Telehealth Research Symposium Memphis, TN

A week and a half later, on Monday, April 8th, the majority of the SCTRC crew attended a telehealth symposium at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN.  We participated by presenting a general overview of the SCTRC and participated in a telehealth/telemedicine brainstorm session.  Others presented on telenutrition, prehospital telemedicine, telehealth services in nurse managed health centers, and RHAT telehealth.

Later that week, after attending the 2019 Arkansas Nursing Research Conference at UAMS on April 12th,  the SCTRC showed up at the ATA 19 Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA on April 14th through 16th.  Telehealth and telemedicine professionals from across the nation gathered to discuss the latest and greatest in digital health.  The SCTRC participated with representatives from all the other telehealth resource centers (13 total) from across the nation.

Now here we are.  So many dates and events on the horizon… it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for this region.  Looking ahead, I see a wonderful opportunity with the South Central Telehealth Forum for all of us to connect, discuss, and grow.  Meet us in Nashville, TN on August 19th and 20th.  For more information go here: