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Online Interactive Telehealth Modules

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Telehealth 101 & Webinars

  • Webinar: Telehealth 101 Express
    Taken from our popular Telehealth 101 curriculum, this 55-minute training covers the basics of telehealth, telehealth equipment and how to build and sustain your program and includes plenty of time for Q&A. Choose from live webinar or interactive video.
  • Interactive Video: Equipment & Etiquette
    This equipment-specific training includes the basics plus etiquette and more. You’ll need interactive video equipment (Tandberg/Cisco, Polycom, etc) to participate in this training.  If you don’t have this equipment register for the webinar training above.
Available by request in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee:
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Telehealth 101.  It’s Not Rocket Science…it’s Telehealth!

Face to Face Training at your site


Presented by the South Central Telehealth Resource Center, this highly-engaging telehealth training workshop is your introduction into the world of Telehealth and TelemediciTo schedule this course for your facility, contact us:

TOLL FREE: 855-664-3450 | DIRECT: 501-526-6211
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Topics will include: Exploration:Overview of Telehealth

  • Introduction to common terminology.
  • Determine how telehealth can help your institution.
  • See potential applications of Telehealth.

Engineering:Telehealth Technology

  • See how the technology works through a live demonstration.
  • Identify the components that comprise a telemedicine Mobile Clinical Cart.
  • Learn about a simple telehealth network infrastructure and what you need to connect to a telehealth network.

Blast Off: Creating Your Project Plan

  • Review just one of many strategies you can use to get started with Telehealth at your institution.

Fueling Your Rocket:Sustainability

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of various sustainability models.