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Telehealth Memes

In addition to the Telehealth Ninja cards and ribbons, our digital surprise from the recent American Telemedicine Association show in Austin were the hilarious telehealth memes. We were tweeting the memes during the show. Be sure to follow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/LearnTelehealth - to see more in the future. You might not know what a meme [...]

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2013 Telehealth Forum A Huge Success!

I want to officially thank the LearnTelehealth community for making our first annual South Central Telehealth Forum a huge success! The attendance and enthusiasm exceeded our projections. At final check there were 200 total attendees! Everywhere I looked people were networking, learning, listening and sharing experiences. As the director of the program, it was a [...]

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Proposed Legislation Would Be a Big Win for Telemedicine

If you're as enthusiastic about telehealth as we are then you've already heard that a day before the New Year's Eve ball dropped in New York City, Democratic Congressman Mike Thompson (California's 5th district)  introduced a bill to "promote and expand the application of telehealth under Medicare and other Federal health care programs...". Read the entire [...]

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Recorded Webinar: “If I Knew Then…What I Know Now” Building A Telehealth Network from the Ground Up

THIS WEBINAR HAS BEEN RECORDED AND ARCHIVED. CLICK HERE TO VIEW. Upcoming Quarterly Thought Conference:  Presentation Title: If I Knew Then...What I Know Now, Lessons Learned from Building a Telehealth Network from the Ground Up When: October 18, 3PM CST Where: Register for this event at this link https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/953969374 Telemedicine is a rapidly expanding service field. [...]

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New Website Focuses On Educating Arkansans About Telemedicine

For over a decade Arkansas has been a leader in the telemedicine industry, from the pioneering ANGELS group to the AR SAVES team. They recently launched a new public awareness web site, ArkansasTelemedicine.com. The site is designed for people to learn the basics about telemedicine, some general  projects in Arkansas and a really cool interactive [...]

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Telehealth Reimbursement – UPDATE

Reimbursement is usually the first or second question that people ask us at LearnTelehealth.org.  I wish there were one place to go for resources on telehealth reimbursement but there’s not. Reimbursement varies from state-to-state and from payor-to-payor. There’s no federal requirement for private insurance to reimburse for telehealth yet. To that end, I give you [...]

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So you have telehealth equipment, now what?

What can I do with my telehealth equipment? It's the first question we get from nearly every person we talk to about telehealth. Now we have an answer to that question if you live in Arkansas. We have compiled a list of clinical and educational opportunities for Arkansas health care sites. First go to the LearnTelehealth e-Link [...]

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What Will Happen with Telemedicine Reimbursement?

"One thing you can never forget is that this is about providing the best outcomes that are evidence-based for the patient. "   Chasing reimbursement for telemedicine is somewhat like pushing the elevator button once it’s lit. It may not get the elevator there any quicker, but it makes you feel like you are at [...]

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How to Get (Almost) Free Money for a Telehealth Program (part two)

Do you need telemedicine?  Can you prove it?  If you can, you’re halfway toward attaining telemedicine grants or contracts.  A compelling need explained to a sympathetic funder will go far in molding the landscape of your funding pursuit. A few tips will help measure the need for telemedicine when penning proposals: Information is GOLDEN First, [...]

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A Defining Moment in Healthcare

"This isn’t a matter of if this happens, but being positioned well when this happens." Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”. So goes it with healthcare over the past 20 years. Health Information Exchanges, Health Insurance Exchanges, Telemedicine, Telehealth... I think you see where this is [...]

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