The South Central Telehealth Resource Center is a team devoted to its mission, which is to promote and support telehealth and telemedicine in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

For each team member, working in the educational trenches has provided valuable insight about where telehealth and telemedicine have been in the past, and it has created a passion about where telehealth and telemedicine can go in the future.

As a team, we know that telehealth and telemedicine can have a positive impact and drive quality healthcare. As individuals, we have specific areas where we would like to see expansion and growth. We want to share some of our individual telehealth wishes with you.

Dr. Sarah RhoadsMy wish is for the continued expansion of telehealth and mHealth to assist people living with chronic health care needs or disabilities. A personal example would be the ability for a person with a cognitive disorder to be able to remain in their familiar environment and have the ability to see their provider.

My second wish is for telehealth and mHealth to be further integrated into all types of electronic medical records to facilitate continuity of care with a patient’s primary care provider.


Sarah Rhoads, PhD, DNP, APRN
Education Director, Center for Distance Health
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



If I had one wish, it would be for healthcare consumers to expect high quality telemedicine services when appropriate. Healthcare consumers deserve safe, high quality telemedicine services where they live. My heart is also deeply dedicated to the expansion of telemedicine to vulnerable populations like school children and the elderly.



Erin Bush, RNC-MNN
Director, South Central Telehealth Resource Center



My wish is that everyone would realize the value that even one telehealth application in a rural setting can bring to people who would otherwise have little to no options for care. Don’t despise small beginnings! One program can save lives and improve outcomes! It’s worth it!



Deborah Lance
SCTRC Advisory Council Member



My wish is that school-based telehealth services will be implemented across the country as a standard practice in all schools. The idea of having “whole team meetings” regarding education and treatment plans for children with special needs is so promising for this generation.



Wendy Ross
Grants Specialist/Program Coordinator


cherepski2I would echo Wendy’s sentiments in that school-based telemedicine is something that needs to happen. As a former public school teacher, I saw many children that came in and out of my classroom that could use better access to medical care. The kids are already at school; it only makes sense that we provide them this service as well. “Meet them where they are” is an approach that I was taught when learning to become an effective teacher. The phrase was meant to speak to the need for individualized instruction, but I think it means much more than that.  School-based clinics would also lessen student absences which leads to improved performance. Isn’t this the ultimate goal after all?

Adam Cherepski
Instructional Development Manager



My new year’s hope/wish for Telehealth in 2016 is that technology and methods that make up telehealth and telemedicine will be marketed more to the public. One of the many reasons telehealth exists is to make quality health care more accessible and convenient for everyone regardless of where you live. If the public is aware of the benefits of telehealth, they will be more inclined to request these types of services from their local health care providers.




Brian Lee
Education/Technology Resource Specialist


Kim McKee, Outreach Specialist

From Our Team to You —

We hope that 2016 is a year filled with health and happiness! We send you our best wishes!



Kimberly McKee, MS
Outreach Specialist