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I am happy to announce the keynote video recordings from the 2013 South Central Telehealth Forum held on April  5 are available now to all members of LearnTelehealth.org. We were so pleased with the large attendance and enthusiasm of everyone who attended. Check out the presentations below:

Morning Keynotes

Dr. Curtis Lowery, MD, presents his talk, “Healthcare Integration, Updated Payment Systems, Low-Cost Technologies and Multidisciplinary Caregivers.” Lowery outlines the ways the US health care system can reduce waste by taking a systems engineering interdisciplinary approach which will improve quality and lower costs.


Dr. Kristi Henderson, DNP, presents her talk titled, “Diffusion of a Telehealth Program: UMMC’s 10 Year Journey.” In it Henderson illustrates the growth of the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s telehealth program. From making the technology simple for the physician to operate to working with providers on improving and simplifying UMMC’s contracts to eventually working with the Mississippi state legislature to get mandated telehealth reimbursement. Very exciting for the South Central region.


Dr. Jodi Polaha, PhD, presents her talk, “Expanding Reach with Telemental Health.” In this talk Polaha talks about how her network at East Tennessee State University built a successful telemental health program.  Polaha explains how by staying sensitive and adapting to stakeholder demand, how a program should look for space within technological ecosystems that fit its needs and by developing a portfolio of options in modes of delivery to meet clients needs.


Afternoon Session Recordings

Clinical Track

“There’s an App for That: Mobile-Based Asthma Action Plans” – Tamara Perry, MD & Matthew Hewes


“Use of Telehealth to Bridge a Gap in Women’s Healthcare” – Wilbur Hitt, MD, FACOG


“Interactive Video’s Quickly Expanding Role in Today’s Call Center” – Donna Williams, RN


“Telegenetics in Arkansas” – G. Bradley Schaefer, MD


“Enhancing Mental Health Treatment Delivery in VHA Using Telehealth and Smart Phone Technology”– Kathleen M. Grubbs, Ph.D.


Program Development

“Telehealth: Current & Future Policy Considerations” – Mario Gutierrez, MPH


“Changing Delivery Patterns and Lowering Infant Mortality Through Telemedicine” – R. Whit Hall, MD


“Community Involvement in Successful Telehealth Program Development” – Steve North, MD


“Telehealth Sustainability: Roundtable Discussion” – Tina Benton, RN, Roy Kitchen, MS and David Fletcher, MBA



“Building a Telemedicine Network from the Ground-Up” – Brian Coltharp, MA


“Implementation of a Statewide Telehealth Network – Lessons Learned” – Debbie Green, BA, FHIMSS


“Broadband Education and Adoption Efforts with an Emphasis in eHealth” – Charles Templeton, Jr.