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Quarterly Thought Conference – eICU Care

Quarterly Thought Conference - Building and Developing the Tele-ICU Program:  Partnering to Improve Patient Care Vicki Norman, RN, Director of eICU Care at Baptist Health, will discusses eICU care. The Baptist Health eICU provides 24/7 critical care monitoring via a central hub, which is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The hub provides services across the [...]

Quarterly Thought Conference – “Converting from Hardware”

Quarterly Thought Conference - "Converting from Hardware to Cloud-Based Telehealth" Presented by:  Larry Jones, Telehealth Program Coordinator Join Larry as he provides an overview of TPCA’s telehealth program; discusses motivations in converting their system  and reviews the criteria matrix for choosing a videoconferencing system. Larry has worked at the Tennessee Primary Care Association for three [...]

Quarterly Thought Conference “Safe Telemedicine Practice”

Quarterly Thought Conference "Safe Telemedicine Practice" Presented by Christa Natoli, Vice President of Innovations, The Robert J. Waters Center for Telehealth & e-Health Law (CTeL). Christa oversees all business development efforts and strategic operations. She has extensive experience in policy matters and has developed strong relationships with all 50 state medical boards, senior members of [...]

Quarterly Thought Conference

Quarterly Thought Conference: "The State of Telehealth in Tennessee" Speakers include Debra Philpot, Service Line Administrator, Telemedicine/Neuroscience; Charlotte Burns, RN, MHA, FACHE, Vice President of Network Affiliates, TriStar Health; Bill Jolly, Vice President, Tennessee Hospital Association; and Sandy Hayes, Executive Director, Rural Health Association of Tennessee.

Quarterly Thought Conference

Quarterly Thought Conference "Telemedicine Generation 9-1-1:  Telemedicine Medical Services Pilot Project" Presented by: Billy U. Philips, Jr., PhD, MPH & Cole Johnson, JD

Quarterly Thought Conference – Maternal and Neonatal Telehealth Programs

Quarterly Thought Conference - Maternal and Neonatal Telehealth Program Models, Resources, and Tools

Calming a Nervous System

Quarterly Thought Conference | Calming a Nervous System:  Managing Rural Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Patients through Technology Jeff Pinto BSN, CRRN presents Calming a Nervous System: Managing Rural Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Patients through Technology

Using Telemedicine to Provide Pediatric

Quarterly Thought Conference:  Using Telemedicine to Provide Pediatric Genetic and Follow-up Newborn Screening Services Lianne Hasegawa, MS, CGC This presentation covers the use of telemedicine in providing follow-up newborn screening and general genetic services within a clinical pediatric genetics setting in Hawaii.

Lessons Learned From a Life in Telehealth

Quarterly Thought Conference:  Lessons Learned From a Life in Telehealth Presented by Dr. Curtis Lowery, MD. The first LearnTelehealth.org Quarterly Thought Symposium, hosted by the South Central Telehealth Resource Center.

Connecting the Arkansas Delta

Quarterly Thought Conference:  Connecting the Arkansas Delta What are the challenges some rural hospitals face when deciding to start a telehealth program? How do you know where to start? Learn from a rural hospital administrator and see if you can apply some of the same tactics in your project. In this educational webinar, Connie Ash, [...]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Quarterly Thought Conference:  If I Knew Then...What I Know Now, Lessons Learned from Building a Telehealth Network from the Ground Up Brian Coltharpe, MA, presenting his lecture at the Quarterly Thought Conference presented by the South Central Telehealth Resource Center and the National Telehealth Webinar Series.

Determining Telehealth’s Value Proposition

Quarterly Thought Conference:  Determining Telehealth's Value Proposition Scott Simmons, MS, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Telehealth Program. Simmons is presenting to a live audience at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Center for Distance Health group.  

Telemedicine & Nursing Homes: A Good Fit

Quarterly Thought Conference:  Telemedicine & Nursing Homes - A Good Fit Paula Guy, CEO of the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, presents her tele-nursing home program.

How to Build School-Based Telemedicine Program in Your Community

Quarterly Thought Conference:  How to Build School-Based Telemedicine Program in Your Community Steve North, MD, MPH leads this quarter's Learntelehealth.org Thought Conference.