LearnTelehealth.org at ATA 2013 and New mHealth Video!

New mHealth video Not quite sure what mHealth is? Let us help with this explainer video. mHealth or mobile health is changing the way caregivers provide health services. From helping patients record daily symptoms to monitoring diabetes, physicians are implementing mobile health into their systems. mHealth gives patients the opportunity to manage their own health [...]

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2012 mHealth Summit

During the first week of December, over 4,000 people from the health care and technology areas gathered together in Washington D.C. to meet about mobile health, mHealth. Everyone from developers to physicians attended the summit to learn and discuss how mHealth can and should be implemented in our systems that are about to all change due to health care reform.

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So, You Want an App?

Everyone wants to be in the App Store. There are over 500,000 iPhone apps in the Apple App Store and the average user has approximately 65 applications. While at first the idea of telling your customer/patient base that your app can be downloaded in the App Store was prestigious and technologically advanced, it is almost [...]

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Telehealth Stone Soup

Where is your industry on this chart? Chances are most of you are in health care so you're safe. I have the added bonus of being in health care AND e-Learning so I get double points (Triple if you count "Internet").     This is data taken from LinkedIn's 150+ million user base from a [...]

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mHealth Landscape for 2012 (Part 2)

(continued from mHealth Landscape for 2012 part 1) The Provider While it may be a mobile application developer's dream to stay "connected", this isn't necessarily the goal of many physicians. They like being disconnected for a time rather than easily accessible to their patients through emails or texts or some new mHealth app that increases [...]

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mHealth Landscape for 2012 (Part 1)

The mHealth 2011 summit provided those of us new to mHealth with a broad overview of the landscape and what to look for in 2012. They have gratefully provided online videos of several presentations that you may also access at this link. I'll be jotting down some notes as I watch several of these and [...]

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Should Telemedicine Cost So Much?

Okay, close your eyes and think of how we generally deliver telemedicine. You’re in a room. There are usually big, complicated pieces of equipment either on carts or secured to the wall. You have a codec, a bigger-than-you-really-need screen (because a vendor upsold you) and if you’re really lucky you have a confounded touch-screen control [...]

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What’s Your Plan B? Facing Your Telehealth Technology Anxiety

Telemedicine is technology-based.  And people still have a big deal with technology anxiety.  Anxiety over the technology is the biggest hurdle we face when we do telemedicine training on equipment. I’m sure we’re not alone. The conventional wisdom is that practice makes perfect.  Getting people to use the equipment on a regular basis helps to [...]

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