Grab a glass of sweet tea, and join us for another episode of Telehealth Talk! (Episode 2)

In episode 2, Sarah and Delbert discuss a typical visit to a rural emergency department. Delbert shares his experiences from the rural setting while Sarah shares her experiences from an urban call center. Discussion continues about technology as a tool and not a replacement for the personal touch that a highly-trained healthcare professional brings to patient care. [...]

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Hush up, y’all! It’s time for Telehealth Talk! (Episode 1)

  Telehealth Talk, the only podcast devoted to Telehealth, is now available! In this episode, you will be educated and entertained by Sarah’s and Delbert’s unique, rural Arkansas perspectives. The monthly podcast will feature current Telehealth news, program information and personal experiences. Podcast host, Sarah Rhoads, PhD, DNP, APRN, serves as the Education [...]