ANGELS featured in telehealth Best Practices series

"From our perspective, it is critically important to demonstrate to policymakers, health care providers and payers, and consumers that technology can make a real difference in improving both the quality and efficiency of health care, particularly for the underserved."

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South Central Telehealth Forum Videos – Updated

UPDATED: - NEW! Afternoon session recordings have just been added! Scroll below to view.  Scroll below to view the recordings. I am happy to announce the keynote video recordings from the 2013 South Central Telehealth Forum held on April  5 are available now to all members of LearnTelehealth.org. We were so pleased with the large [...]

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Telehealth legislation in AR, MS and TN

"...require health insurance plans in this state to provide coverage for telemedicine services to the same extent that the services would be covered if they were provided through in-person consultation...".

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Telehealth allows parents to bond with babies

Families often search for an answer on ways to be close to their neonate even when they cannot be physically close. After a preterm delivery, some neonates can remain hospitalized for months prior to discharge. Many families do not have the luxury to stay with their baby 24/7 while their baby is in the neonatal [...]

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Telemedicine Helps States Stay Ahead of Health Care Reform

After two years of questions and debate the Supreme Court has ruled that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) stands .  The decision made in June ensures that more than 31 million previously uninsured Americans will be able to obtain health coverage by 2019….but how does that affect telemedicine? As states expand Medicaid and [...]

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The Value Proposition of Telehealth

Does Telehealth bring value? If so, how much? In what way? What's the trade off? If you've worked in telemedicine or telehealth for any length of time you might know countless examples of how the technology has helped patient outcomes, saved time and money for patients and providers and improved access to care. But do [...]

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Tele-Stroke in Arkansas, 2012 Annual Conference

Stroke in Arkansas continues to take lives everyday -- but thanks to the tremendous team of AR SAVES (Stroke Assitance through Virtual Emergency Support) those numbers continue to shrink.  Arkansas is no longer the first in the nation for stroke deaths!!  May is National Stroke Awareness month and the Center for Distance Health did not [...]

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Click here to view the recording from April 19 for a presentation about Telehealth in Emergency Medicine. Dr. John McCarter, MD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) will lead the discussion. His talk is titled, "Utilizing Telemedicine to Expand Emergency Care in Rural Mississippi." UMMC has become a leader in Tele-Emergency [...]

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Telehealth Reimbursement – UPDATE

Reimbursement is usually the first or second question that people ask us at LearnTelehealth.org.  I wish there were one place to go for resources on telehealth reimbursement but there’s not. Reimbursement varies from state-to-state and from payor-to-payor. There’s no federal requirement for private insurance to reimburse for telehealth yet. To that end, I give you [...]

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mHealth Landscape for 2012 (Part 2)

(continued from mHealth Landscape for 2012 part 1) The Provider While it may be a mobile application developer's dream to stay "connected", this isn't necessarily the goal of many physicians. They like being disconnected for a time rather than easily accessible to their patients through emails or texts or some new mHealth app that increases [...]

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