Program Name: Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Unit Consults
Clinic/Hospital Affiliation: Arkansas Children’s Hospital & UAMS Center for Distance Health
Program Description: Arkansas Children’s Hospital is the only burn center for the state of Arkansas treating both children and adults. The Burn Unit Consults program is a partnership between Arkansas Children’s Hospital and UAMS Center for Distance Health to offer consults 24x7x365 days a year to any hospital/clinic in the state.
What can the program do for sites? Hospitals call one number for the burn unit. The situation is assessed, treatment recommendations made; transport arrangements, if necessary, are made.

If a video call is made, the burn center works with the CDH call center to set up the call.

Accepting new members? Yes.
Once accepted, and the prerequisite is met, instructors will meet with the site staff interactively for training to include process review.
•  Must be a member of AR SAVES, or
•  Complete TELEHEALTH 101 training offered by the South Central Telehealth Resource Center. This course is recommended for the ER Director and staff that would be using the equipment.
Steps to maintain membership: All calls are recorded and reviewed. To maintain membership, calls must meet quality expectations and processes followed according to the protocol manual (delivered at time of training).
Program Contact: For more information or to join this program, please contact:

Terri Imus
o: 501-526-7180

If your clinic/hospital has a telehealth program that you would like to promote, contact at 1.855.664.3450 or send an email to .

Please note:
These programs are subject to change and conditions of enrollment and continued membership are at the sole discretion of the program owner/developer. For more information, contact the affiliated contact, clinic or hospital as shown above.