We got game! A Game for Telehealth

Posted April 30, 2012 9:52 am by Keith Freeman

We got game! That’s right, we’ve developed a game to help people learn all about telehealth. Let’s face it, telehealth isn’t exactly the most exciting topic and the term itself still isn’t well known among the general public. So what better way to learn about telehealth then by playing a game.

The game is called , “Hub and Spoke”. The goal is to connect spoke sites to your Hub. There are currently four levels:

1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Experienced
4. Expert

You connect spoke sites by answering questions about telehealth and claiming links along the way. The more spoke sites you connect, the more points you earn.

High scores will be saved on a leaderboard so you can compete against your friends.

Oh and you can also contribute to the game by submitting your telehealth questions. If we think it’s a good question, we’ll add it to the game!

Ready to Play? Click the link below to play the game!

Check out the High Scores! View the Leaderboard!

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2 Responses to “We got game! A Game for Telehealth”

  1. Avatar of Keith Freeman Keith Freeman says:

    Hey Steven,

    Thanks for the comment. This is such a huge topic of interest to people!

    The answer states, “Skype’s proprietary encryption code can’t
    be verified whether it’s truly HIPPA compliant. Therefore you won’t get reimbursed for a Telehealth event if you use Skype.”

    I’ll message you directly about troubleshooting the game freezing up.

  2. Avatar of Steven Zuckerman Steven Zuckerman says:

    The game keeps freezing up on me.
    Also- I disagree with your answer regarding Skype- the OCR has not concluded that Skype is not HIPPA compliant. I listened to a presentation on cTel and their lawyer discussed this topic. What reference is there that Skype has been declared non-compliant?

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