ProgrammingThe Step-by-Step Checklist for Telehealth Program Development is a listing of the steps needed to build a successful telehealth program.

The checklist is an ongoing component of The Telehealth Professional’s Guide to Successful Program Development, a blog series that provides an overview of the 3-phase program development plan created by the California Telehealth Resource Center and the consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers. Steps will be added weekly. Click here to read the entire series.


Phase 1: Assess & Define

  1. Establish the need for a telehealth/telemedicine program
  2. Assess your organization’s readiness to implement a telehealth/telemedicine program
  3. Identify potential telehealth opportunities in your community
  4. Conduct a needs assessment for the service(s) you want to provide
  5. Conduct a technical needs assessment of your work environment
  6. Identify the payer base for your telehealth program
  7. Define the Program Model